Reconnecting with the Soul Through Natural Living

As I sit and eagerly await the sun rise over the ocean this morning, I am reminded of how far I have come.

I gently close my eyes and my inner gaze begins to scan my body and give appreciation. Loving my tingles, thanking my organs, giving compliments to my blood.

I then tune in to my breath and lower, lengthen and feel it as the sounds of the waves mimic the movement inside.

With mother nature all around me, I connect to a different layer of energy through me, above me, below me and I begin to melt into the no-thingness to listen and feel differently, to connect with my higher self and to sense in to the expansive intelligence that is available to us for answers, for guidance and even for a wrap of warm love.

How has this become part of my way of being?

Only a few years ago I was the go-go and push-for-more entrepreneur who was being led by a desire to prove myself to everyone, and in desperate need of validation from others all of the time. I was distant from my own nature, and nature around me even though I lived by the ocean. 

Now, I am still an entrepreneur. Life is very full and go-go. My to-do list is still a thousand miles long. That is life, right?!

However, the big difference now is my deep connection to nature, its wisdom and a passion for naturally charged living. 

The sun is now peeking over the horizon in front of me. The gentle giant bringing in the break of a new day. My soul dances in my body with joy and I begin to gently ask questions, ready to be led by my soul.

With our busy and full lives we can often forget that we are nature.
Nature is us.
We are deeply interconnected with it.
It is a bio-directional cycle of energy. And a source of great wisdom.

Now research is also showing us that nature is not just a pretty thing to look at, it has a huge impact on our physiology, psychology and in my experience our spiritual connection. 

Spending time in nature, and even being able to see green natural spaces lowers cortisol levels. When we can access green spaces we are naturally more physically active, which helps our immune system and can lower inflammation. But research has also shown that we have better attention, memory and creativity when we have had time in nature.

One study by the University of East Anglia in the UK found that walking meetings where participants walked through a natural environment while discussing work led to more creative ideas and better communication among people compared to traditional seated meetings. 

There is even a term now coined “ecotherapy”. A practice that incorporates people spending time in, and dialoguing with, the natural world for improved health and well being. Yes, you can have a conversation with a tree, a large rock or a bird. 

And it is not just greenery of course. Seeing, being near and even going into large bodies of natural water has been shown to have the same benefits. Oceans, lakes, waterfalls, inner-city fountains and large ponds in urban parks all have a range of physical and mental health benefits.

Sensoriam Co-Founder Jessica Kiely

When we can dampen the ‘busy’ noise of the urban environment, when we can calm our nervous system, when we can drop deeper into the present moment, the voice of our soul can be heard much more clearly. This natural charge running through us and around us becomes more accessible. And all of those things are possible in nature.

For me, I also find that being in nature is not about mindFULLness, it is actually a way to get out of the mind. It puts me back in touch with my body and my own nature. And for the most part, accessing this nature is free.

A walk in the park.
An ocean swim.
Tending to your garden.
Finding a forest to explore.
Having time with your indoor plants.
Admiring a tree on your walk to work.
Noticing the intricacies of a leaf.

This means you have to get up and away from the screen! Even though research has also shown that seeing scenes of nature on a screen also has benefits, and listening to water through a speaker also has benefits. I have found that truly BEING in nature is where the real power is.

But it can’t just be a tick of the box with a “yea I did that” and move on. There is a surrender, letting go and listening in that needs to happen to truly experience the full benefits.

This deep connection to nature is also the inspiration behind my business, Sensor I Am. A luxury natural perfumery with a range of the worlds best 100% natural fragrances. My journey has seen me remove all toxins in my environment, and “go natural” as they say. But it was the world of natural perfume that truly drew me in. Helping others to discover and switch to natural perfumes is a joy as I can feel the power of nature in every bottle, and know it is beneficial for the health of self and planet.

I love observing here in Bondi when the weather is warm and gorgeous blue skies are above, the flocks of people heading to the beach. One of the most famous beaches in the world too! We are literally magnetised to the ocean on days like that. We have an innate knowing that it feels amazing to be there. And I also love hearing the ocean have a giggle to herself as she feels all of these humans playing in her waters, jumping through her like excited dolphins and naturally charging up their systems without them even realising it. I often find myself floating on her and tears of great gratitude and awe at her beauty come to me. And she reminds me, the beauty I see and feel in her is a direct reflection of the beauty in me. Ahhhh thank you Mother Ocean.

Where in nature is your connection to your soul greatest for you?

Mine is the ocean and a rainforest near me. However I can also feel it when I hear the birds chatting to each other outside my window, which they are doing right now. I will soon tune in and see if they have a message for me.

When I am naturally charged like this I know I am a better parent, a better leader, a better businesswoman and a better human.

So if your battery is feeling like it is on low charge, go and plug in to nature. Give her compliments, she loves it, and in return you will tap into the benefits of naturally charged living, daily.

See you at sunrise xo

Sensoriam Founder

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