Meet Nina Hargrave, Founder of Serene Body Health.

Nina Hargrave is reimagining essential oils for the modern world. Serene roll-on perfume oils offer the healing benefits of essential oils in a range of seductively subtle fragrances you can wear for any occasion. It’s a beautiful balance of self-care and style that helps you feel beautifully balanced every moment of your day.

When did you start your brand and why?

I officially launched Serene 14 months ago. I wanted to create perfume oils that were more wearable and more in the realm of perfume than the essential oil blends I had come across. I wanted to create perfume oils that smelled amazing but also offered a plethora of health benefits.

What is your signature scent, the one that people say is "yours"?

I don’t have a perfume that I could say is mine because I have never really liked a lot of perfume that’s on the market. I change my perfume according to my mood and I can’t say that I even have a favourite within my own range. But the one I use the most is my Rest perfume oil. It’s my go to at night, and when I feel stressed at any time during the day it gives me comfort.

Share with us a memory you have that is linked to smell, and that when you smell that it you are taken back to that memory.

I have always loved flowers so for me it is the smell of white freesias which takes me back to my grandmother’s house.

How do you love to use perfume? Any secrets you can share that helps them to last longer?

I love to use perfume on my pulse points and I particularly love roll ons because I love the direct contact onto my skin. You can apply an unscented barrier cream to the skin before applying the perfume to make them last longer but I prefer to let it absorb straight into my skin, take it with me in my purse and just top up when I need to.

Apart from Natural Perfume, what other things are you passionate about?

I am really passionate about meditation which I will soon be teaching!

What are you learning about/reading/listening to at the moment that is inspiring you?

I love reading about neuroscience and how meditation, mindfulness and scent can affect the brain. I am intrigued by the combination of these things together. I love perfume and aromatherapy books and spending as much time outside as I can.

Finish this line - "To smell is to…

…embody a sense of time and place.

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