How I chose the perfect natural perfume for my wedding day

With a trillion things on your list when you are planning a wedding, sometimes your scent for the big day is one of the last things you think about.

But actually, when you think about it, it should probably be one of your first considerations. If you find a new scent to wear on your wedding day and your honeymoon, your memory and feelings of that special time will forever be evoked every time you wear that scent. Every time you apply that fragrance, the scent allows you to access a heightened sense of emotions, almost immediately.

Of course we wouldn’t recommend wearing anything but natural fragrance on your wedding day. Why? Because natural fragrance is without all the harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause all sorts of health problems. Most synthetic fragrances are man-made from petroleum products, which, as research has shown, can have a detrimental effect on a range of factors, from our skin to hormones, to some very serious conditions. Synthetic ingredients in perfumes have been linked to headaches, skin irritations, allergies, breathing difficulties, hormonal imbalances. The list goes on.

On your wedding day you want to feel nothing but happy, vibrant and bursting with good health. It is the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Choosing your natural scent

So you have decided that you want to find your signature scent for your wedding day. And that you definitely only want to explore natural fragrances. So what next? How do you navigate the world of natural perfume to find your special scent?

We decided to catch up with Sensoriam co-founder Emma Scott to check in on how she chose her fragrance for her recent wedding day.

Emma Scott, co-founder of Sensoriam chooses natural perfume for her wedding day

Emma with her dad on her wedding day

1. What was your process for choosing your special fragrance for the day?

The first thing I did was reaffirm my scent profile, the style of scent that I wanted for my day. Did I want a more floral scent? Something more spicy or perhaps something a little sweet? We have a scent quiz on our website to help people figure this out. A simple two minute questionnaire to help you define the type of scent you should go for.

As my wedding was a summer garden wedding up at Palm Beach, Australia, I decided that I needed a floral scent.

Emma Scott, co-founder of Sensoriam, chooses natural perfume for her wedding day

Something with a burst of citrus and a floral flourish. I looked through all the floral style scents on Sensoriam and narrowed my selection down to five scents:

One Seed Dreamer
Sonia Orts no. 4
Vanessa Megan Liliquoi
Wyalba Wildflower
Aura-Soma Parfum 56

I then got out my minisets of each of the brands. I found these five scents and sprayed them on my skin over a five day period – a different fragrance each day. I wanted to take my time to feel what really resonated with me.

I chose One Seed Dreamer.

Natural perfume One Seed Dreamer

I love the description for this glorious scent…

“Orange blossoms unfurl their petals towards the sky, the quiet hours of morn, full of reverie. Burnt fig and heartwarming ginger. Round, dewy stone fruits in the height of summer. Sweet tangerine dreams.”

It was the perfect choice for the day. I now have such a deep connection with this fragrance.

Of course for my honeymoon, I chose something a little more racy... Vahy Ember Haze. Deliciously rich and luxurious. It fuses smoky woods with the warmth of amber and vanilla.

Vahy Ember Haze natural perfume

Image credit to Vahy

2. What else would you recommend for people looking for their perfect scent? If you go through the above process of:

/ Doing the scent quiz to define your scent profile
/ Looking through those style of scents to narrow your selection
/ Purchasing the relevant mini sets so you can try the fragrances

And you are still unsure, why not book in for an online or in person (if you are in Sydney) consult with Sensoriam natural perfume expert Jessica Kiely. Jessica takes you on a journey to help you find that one perfect scent, made for you.

For any questions on finding the right scent for you, reach out to us at

We would love to hear from you. The Sensoriam team xx

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