Fragrance Notes: Understanding Jasmine

If you’re looking to buy perfume online in Australia, you may notice just how many amazing scents there are to choose from. One of the most enduring is Jasmine perfume, known for its fresh sweet scent and intoxicating under tones. Let’s go through Jasmine's scent profile to explore the true beauty of this in-demand natural perfume, available now from Sensoriam. 

Where Does Jasmine Come From?

Jasmine is part of the botanical family Oleaceae, originating in southwest Asia. The light white petals and delicate scent have made Jasmine one of the most well-known flowers around the world. This flower has upwards of 200 species, but the two most important in the production of Jasmine perfume are Arabian Jasmine and Jasminum Grandiflorum. Jasmine and rose are actually considered the floral foundations of perfumery, as most floral fragrances include at least a touch of these classic scents.

What Does Jasmine Smell Like?

The sweet floral note of Jasmine perfume offers the perfect natural touch for your everyday fragrance. It's the ideal balance between sweet and rich, lending intensity to perfumes that may otherwise fall flat. Not only does Jasmine smell like a fresh blooming flower, but it's also considered a natural aphrodisiac that strengthens relationships and sexual desire. As a symbol of sensual femininity, the Jasmine scent is thought to break down barriers to romance and intimacy. 

Why is Jasmine so Popular?

Jasmine is one of the most celebrated scents around the world and it’s easy to see why, with the flirty, fun florals. The slightly musky undertone amps up the sophisticated sexiness, so Jasmine perfume can be worn day or night. Another reason why Jasmine is so popular is that it takes a lot of flowers to make one millilitre of absolute oil. It’s a worthwhile effort for small-batch perfume makers who use the strong scent profile to create the floral fragrance of your dreams.

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