The sweet scent of Jasmine

Jasmine in fragrance

Jasmine comes from the botanical family Oleaceae, and is native to southwest Asia. Jasmine is adored all over the world for its intoxicating sweet scent and delicate white petals. There are over 200 species of Jasmine, but two species are the most precious when it comes to perfume – Jasminum Grandiflorum and Arabian Jasmine, also known as Tuscan Jasmine.

Jasmine gives a richness and intensity to fragrances, a sweet floral note. It has a calming effect and throughout history has been used to help the body unwind. A little less known is Jasmine’s use as a natural aphrodisiac, supporting the body to increase sexual desire. This flower and scent is a symbol of femininity and sensuality. The scent is desired for its ability to help break down emotional barriers to encourage intimacy and romance.

It takes an extraordinarily large amount of flowers to produce one millilitre of Jasmine ‘absolute’ oil, which is why it is so expensive. It’s why many brands now use a synthetic Jasmine. Brands that use real Jasmine are celebrated.