8 of the Best Gender-Neutral Natural Fragrances

In the ever-evolving realm of perfumery gone are the days of confining fragrances to rigid categories of femininity and masculinity. It’s quite exciting that we find ourselves immersed in a time when scent can be enjoyed by all. You follow what you love. You find the scents that appeal to you. No longer are there the confines of perfume for women-only or men-only. 

Follow your nose. It knows!

This means that all of the natural perfumes in our Collective are actually UNISEX, right?!!

But to help with your exploration of our Collective family of natural scents we have pulled together eight that are loved by men, women, and everyone in between and they epitomise the essence of universal appeal. These are unisex natural perfumes that our customers from all walks of life LOVE. 

You and your partner can both enjoy these scents, or even fight over them! They are that good. 

Wild Woud - Wild Woud is an extremely restorative and grounding mood enhancer. With deep woody tones and a touch of spice, it’s intoxicating from the beginning to end.

Wild Woud by Vanessa Megan 100% Natural Mood Enhancing Perfume at Sensoriam

Tarkine - A symphony of velvety woods with whispers of vanilla and sweet spices. A scent that subtly descends into the warmth of olibanum, Tarkine evokes a journey through the mystical, transcendent vegetation of the Australian Tarkine Rainforest.

Tarkine by Vahy 100% Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

Isle of Blanc - Isle of Blanc is an oceanic scent with an invigorating splash of citrus. Cloudless skies, shimmering seas and salty skin at Bondi Beach. Reminiscent of 1960's surf culture, sea spray and endless summer, Isle of Blanc is citrus immersed in solar and salt complemented by coconut, patchouli and notes of wood.

Isle of Blanc by Vahy 100% Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

Rockpool - Plunge into the tranquil green waters of an inland rock pool. Scents of solid rock blending with cool misty water and draping limbs of leaves, roots and fallen branches.

Rockpool by Wyalba 100% Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

Le Feu - A hot milky infusion of flowers, bark, spices and rhizomes. Botanical and narcotic, a flamboyant fragrance with solar, pure and saturated hues.

Le Feu by Floratropia 100% Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

Field - A woody scent reminiscent of a walk in the fields. A view of unending green; tall trees fading into a haze in the distance. Everything is alive yet still. Peaceful yet vibrant. The earth pulses silently underfoot, alive, with a fullness of joy. The scent of life is all around me.

Field by One Seed 100% Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

Tides - Cool salty melon tones of coastal air. The vulnerable milkiness of sun-warmed bare skin speckled with salt and sand. An aquatic scent that adds a unique tone to every skin it touches.

Tides by One Seed 100% Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

Agati - Woody, Earthy & Green. Agati cultivates stability, calmness, and fosters a sense of safety in groundedness. Agati benefits the ROOT chakra.

Agati by Tulita 100% Natural Perfume at Sensoriam

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