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Natural Mini Perfume Sets

Scent has a powerful way of seeping into the senses and stirring up emotions. Are you ready to open yourself up to a whole new world of unforgettable aromatic experiences?

If so, our natural miniature perfume sets are ready to take you there. Composed of best-sellers and favourites from the world’s best perfumeries, these beautifully packaged fragrances allow you to take a deep dive into new dimensions of sensation with every use.

Crafted by One Seed, Melis, Vahy, Venessa Megan, Aura-Soma and more, these ethical, sustainable scents are truly one of a kind. Venture through our annotated collection and find your signature aroma today.


Experience the Joy of Our Mini Perfume Sets

Natural, organic fragrances aren’t just luxury items. They’re investment pieces that merge with your personal aromas, elevating your vibration and enhancing mood and energy. Perfume samples are a great way to find a signature scent that magnifies your presence and makes you feel and smell fabulous.

Through our Discovery Boxes and miniature perfume sets, our boxes for day, night, and a combination of both give you every opportunity to feel your best at the special events and day-to-day working of your life.

If you’re new to the world of natural fragrances, you may wish to sample a complete collection from our ethical and sustainable brands. Each set features anywhere from 6 to 8 perfume samples, holding 2ml of non-toxic, natural fragrance. Depending on the design and ingredients, samples are either packaged in mini spray tubes or as roll-ons – both convenient for an on-the-go Australian lifestyle.

Memories linked to the smell of home, or a particular experience from the past, can surface, evoking strong emotions. Once you’ve found that special piece that you can’t stop wearing, it’s time to invest and make it yours. Enjoy $20 off your next full-priced order with every set purchased.

Treat Your Loved Ones to Luxurious Miniature Perfume Sets

Who can say no to a luxurious gift that’s good for you? Sensoriam’s perfume mini sets are the perfect gateway for introducing your family and friends to heavenly natural fragrances – and they’re safe for everyone to enjoy.

Coming in beautifully designed boxes, our unique perfume gift sets give your nearest and dearest permission to take care of themselves and feel fabulous from the inside out. Let them play with samples, trying them out one by one or layering to create their own combinations.

Some scents even come as scented candles, courtesy of Addition Studio and Venessa Megan, infusing the home with mood-enhancing aromas.

Select the perfect birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s gift sets online today. Only at Sensoriam.

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