Grapefruit Style Perfumes

The Zesty Wakeup of Grapefruit

Sharp, aromatic and refreshing, grapefruit from the peel of the fruit blends well with other citrus ingredients in the top notes of summer style uplifting scents. Its character is dynamic and its fruitiness joyful and inspiring. Grapefruit’s sparkling, bitter tones add a cooling effect to summer fragrances. It makes us feel vibrant and alive.

More about Grapefruit

This tangy citrus has only been around for 400 years or so, originating in the Barbados. The first sighting was documented in 1750 by a Welshman named Rev. Griffith Hughes, who described them as the forbidden fruit in The Natural History of Barbados.

The grapefruit is a hybrid between the pomelo and the orange. Its color determines the range of fragrance. White grapefruit notes are bitter and sharp, while pink and red grapefruit tones are sugary and sensual.

Grapefruit was brought to Florida in 1823 by a business man, Count Odet Philippe, who was the first permanent, non-native settler in the state. To this day, Florida is the world’s leading producer of grapefruit.