The nostalgia of Geranium

Geraniums in Fragrance

Geranium plants have not always been associated with great beauty. They are a practical flowering plant that you may have seen in your Grandmother's garden. Despite their understated nature, they are famous for their use in perfume. The type used in perfumery is Pelargonium graveolens, or rose geranium. It gives a scent similar to rose, but with a touch of lemon.

More about Geranium

The most prized geranium of all comes from the Ile Bourbon, an island of France. The island has been renamed La Reunion and is famed as producing the best geranium essential oil in the world. There are over 30 craft distilleries on the island where visitors can explore and experience the ancient distillation craft in making the essential oil. The oil is actually extracted from the very fine hair on the plant and not from the flowers. The Geranium plants are grown all year long, but to produce the highest quality oil, harvesting takes place before the flowers bloom from May to September.