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Floratropia Paris is a 100% botanical fragrance house that makes wild and natural fragrances. They create beautiful 100% natural fragrances and refillable perfume kits. Floratropia has one intention – to infuse a positive imprint in the world of perfume, in relation to the planet, the biodiversity of perfume plants, and the artisans/producers who grow them.

Floratropia lets the beauty and raw emotion of natural ingredients express themselves. Perfect and imperfect. Powerful and fragile. They invite you to experience perfume differently. Consciously.

All Floratropia perfumes are vegan, made form 100% organic wheat alcohol, 0% dyes and preservatives, 0% BHT and BHA and petrochemical free. All ingredients are ethcially and sustainably sourced, packaging is minimised and each scent has a refillable bottle option.

Floratropia is an artisan perfumery, each fragrance is slowly handmade in France, small batch and compounded in Grasse.

The founder of Floratropia Paris

Floratropia Paris is founded by Karine Torrent. Karine has been working for 15 years in the perfume industry, in the creative and marketing field for fragrance brands such as Yves Rocher, Valentino Parfums, or Atkinsons 1799.

She founded Floratropia Paris in 2019 with a desire to build a more responsible model of perfumery where perfume artistry meets sustainability challenges.

Shaking up the industry standards with its uncompromising naturality and low-waste /low carbon approach to packaging, Floratropia Paris explores the botanical side of perfumery while supporting a holistic vision to sustainability aiming at a positive impact on planet and perfume plants biodiversity.