Violet Style Perfumes


The notes of the violet, powerful and intense, are frequently used to add a touch of elegance and depth.

More about Violet

There are many species of violets, but only one of them is of particular interest to perfumers: the fragrant violet. This small perennial plant blooms in the spring with its beautiful blue and purplish shades.

Violet is synonymous with beauty, simplicity and modesty. In mythology, Zeus ordered the Earth to create a flower in honour of the beautiful Io, with whom he was secretly in love. In the Middle Ages, this flower was considered a magical plant with aphrodisiac powers. A few centuries later, it will be the favourite flower of Napoleon and Josephine, to become the emblem of the Bonapartists.

In its natural state, the bewitching scent of the violet is very pleasant. However, it is also very short-lived. In fact, it slightly dulls the olfactory receptors, which is why its scent escapes very quickly. It is necessary to wait a few minutes before being able to smell the flower again.

The floral grassy scent of the violet is very different from the scent of other flowers in the perfumer’s palette. Violet style scents were popular in the early 19th century and then became out of vogue, considered a little old fashioned, until recently when Violet perfumes have made a resurgence.