IME Natural Perfume

IME Natural perfumes is an Australian perfumery known for its fun range of natural scents, uniquely blended with 100% botanical ingredients. Each scent is inspired by one of the 9 muses of Greek mythology, designed to support emotionally. Natural perfume lovers can choose by muse, mood, colour or scent. Each perfume was created holistically by Tonia Walker, a Master Perfumer with a background in Natural Therapies.

IME fragrances are designed with nature to evolve with your skin, changing over time to bring out the subtle qualities of your own personal scent.

IME are Choose Cruelty Free Accredited and Certified 100% Natural by the Natural Perfumers Guild. FREE of artificial and animal fragrances, colours, phthalates, parabens or synthetic ingredients.

Proudly Certified

A common misconception is that anything natural must mean it is safe, however, all natural ingredients are still chemicals, some can be toxic in their natural form, therefore each need to be used in correct amounts in order to be safe for use.

ime natural perfume ingredients have been assessed and comply with Australian cosmetic regulations according to the below industry standards:

NICNAS– National Industrial Chemicals Notification & Assessment Scheme of Australia.

IFRA – International Fragrance Association.